Spotty Dottie


Connect the dots with Spotty Dottie, the spotty dog!

Let your child use a beautiful, CoverFlow interface to browse through a selection of almost 70 join the dots puzzles.

Once a puzzle is selected, a streamlined interface allows your child to concentrate on drawing without distractions. Each puzzle features up to 50 dots to connect for extended enjoyment.

After they complete the puzzle, you can save the image to your photo album to show off their work.

'Spotty Dottie HD' features:

Some quotes from our testers:

"I put this on my iPhone and Ellie [five year old daughter] didn't want to give it back!"
- Mandy, Cambridge

"Kept my seven year old entertained on the plane all the way to Marjoca!"
- Linda, London

"This is what the iPad was made for. Best kids app by a long way."
- Cecile, Cambridge

"My daughter *LOVES* this app! She hasn't stopped using it since you gave it to us."
- Chrystal, London

"Smooth, intuitive interface. My [six year old] son picked it up no problem at all."
- Ian, Cambridge

"Bit embarassing but I'm saving my daughter's doodles and emailing them to my husband!"
- Kelly, York

"If you have an iPad, this is *awesome* and will bring a smile to the face of any child (or adult!)."
- Karen, London

This is a universal app, so it will run on all your iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) in native resolution for the one price.