American Revolutionary War Images


The American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence, was a conflict which changed the course of history. What started out as a regional conflict in a remote, British colony escalated to a global conflict involving several European powers. It ended with defeat of the British, financial ruin for France and the birth of a great nation.

This war was fought long before the invention of the camera and photography. The only pictorial records were illustrations, etchings and paintings, often done years after the actual event. As such, they do not depict a true record of what happened but are a politically biased, and often romanticized, view promoting one side's agenda.

This set of 140 black and white illustrations, together with a selection of high resolution, color paintings, charts the history of the war. It starts with the 'Boston Tea Party', takes in the various battles, and ends with the 'Treaty of Paris'. There are also illustrations of some of the most important people and a unique collection showing the British point of view.

Easily browse the images with a simple and intuitive interface or just sit back and watch the slideshow.

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